Work Experience Opportunities

Multi-Tiered approach

Here at Boulder Media, we are committed to supporting and nurturing emerging talent in the animation industry. We recognise the importance of providing meaningful work experience opportunities for creative individuals at various stages of their education journey. Boulder Media has a multi-tiered approach to work experience, catering to different levels of expertise.

Boulder’s work experience programmes are available to Transition Year students, College students and Specific Internships determined by studio or production needs.

Duration: One week (Monday to Thursday full time, Friday half-day) 

Period:  One week in Autumn and one week in Spring, Annually

Participants: Transition Year students only

Hours:  10am– 4pm Daily; 10am – 1pm Friday


  • Monday to Thursday: Students will work full time with our creative crew, gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of animation production.
  • Friday: Half-day spent with the IT and Facilities departments to understand the technical and logistical aspects of our studio. 

Application form:  Click here:  

Closing dates:

  • For Autumn intake – closing date is October 15th annually
  • For Spring intake – closing date is January 15th annually 

Duration: Two weeks

Participants: College students (in pairs: eg two placements annually)

Hours: Studio core hours 9:30 – 5:30 studio – based working

Structure: The program will provide a more immersive experience, allowing students to work closely with our creative teams and gain a deeper understanding of the animation industry.

Students will have the opportunity to collaborate on projects, attend production meetings, and receive mentorship from experienced creative crew.

You will undertake a structured training programme that focuses on the principles of animation.

Compensation: Lunch & Travel Expenses covered


All participants are expected to adhere to studio standards, including confidentiality and respect for intellectual property. Participants will sign an NDA.  
Mentors and supervisors will provide guidance and support throughout the program. 
Participants are encouraged to actively engage, ask questions, and seek learning opportunities. 

By implementing these work experience programs, Boulder Media aims to contribute to the growth and development of future creative talent in the animation industry. We are excited to share our passion for creativity and innovation with the next generation of talent.